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Solid Color Disposable Topless Sandals    
Solid Color Disposable Topless Sandals

Disposable Topless Sandals are very affordable for times you need them to be waterproof such as for pedicures, tanning salons, spas, saunas, resorts, water parks...wherever protection for bare feet is appropriate. This sandal is great protection in places where there is public access like showers in spas or medical institutions. Unlike the traditional Topless Sandals, these are impervious to moisturizers and lotions, water resistant, sanitary and most of all safe. The deep treads prevent sliding on wet surfaces. They are designed to be used only once or twice and then discarded, but you may be able to get two to three wearings from a single pair. They are not washable and much thinner than the Original Topless Sandal. They are one size fits most and require trimming for a fit on the perforated lines with scissors. They are available in solid colors only and the bottom of the shoe is the same color as the top, so this makes them work well for beach weddings. CAUTION: Clean environment recommended! Foreign objects will stick to Topless Sandals.

Color / One size fits most:

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