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*Before using your Topless Sandals, the sandals and your feet must be clean and dry.

*Do not use lotions on your feet.

*Remove the clear plastic piece from the Sandals and dispose of it. Before placing your foot on the Topless Sandal, make sure your foot is centered correctly and step on them. They will comfortably and securely stick to your clean/dry feet.

*We encourage you to wear them in a clean and dry environment.

*To remove, simply peel sideways off feet. The sticky stays on the sandal, not on your feet.

*All that is required is that you wash them after use to remove the oil that will accumulate from your skin and the dust from the floor or ground. On some people, they can be used several times before washing; when the stickiness does not seem to hold them on well, it is time to reactivate the adhesive. If you are in a hurry to wear the topless sandals,   a blow dryer can be used for quick drying.  People that have just removed socks and shoes or have sweaty feet will benefit from cleaning their feet with alcohol before wearing the sandal for a better attachment or you may use alcohol on the sandal. Apply to feet when dry!

*When the shoes are not being worn, you may store them in a large Ziploc freezer bag or you may store them in the open. Do not place them face to face or on top of the other shoe as it will adhere to it and could damage the shoe. If they do get stuck face to face, get them under running water with soap and gently work them apart! Do not use wax paper on them!

*The shoes may be worn until the adhesive is not working well, then to reactivate, use a mild soap and a firm scrub brush and rinse well. Joy, Dawn or Ivory dish detergent works well or an antibacterial soap.

*Avoid using Comet® soaps or soaps with moisturizers because they could lose their adhesive qualities. Also avoid metal or hard plastic scouring brushes and do not scrub too vigorously. Scrubbing for around 15 seconds should be sufficient. Do not put them in the washing machine.

*It is not a good idea to wear them on a day that you know it will be raining unless you bring along a backup pair of shoes.  If they get a little wet and come off in places, they will re-stick to your feet as your foot dries, so you may do well continuing to walk around in them! Do not walk in water puddles while wearing the Topless Sandals. Wear them in clean areas. Avoid wearing in fresh cut grass, on dirt walkways or other areas where debris can accumulate on the sticky part of the Topless Sandal. You may be able to wear them in hard sand, but sand on the beach will stick to the shoe and may cause them to come off. If they come loose, scrub them and allow to dry before reapplying.

*At swimming pools: wear inside the pool until they come loose, and then place them in the sun to dry.  When getting out of the pool, towel off well so that water is not dripping from your bathing suit, then dry your feet thoroughly.  The chlorine from the pool will make the adhesive work even better!  

*It is normal for the adhesive to bead up in places on the shoe such as the heel, big toe and ball of the foot after a couple of uses. While it might alter the beauty of the shoe, it should not affect the ability of the shoe to stay on your feet.

*If you have sensitive feet, do not use them or use only with socks.

*If you have difficulty removing, or if it is painful, get them wet before removing. 









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